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John F. Kennedy Memorial - A Must Visit Site

The John F. Kennedy Memorial is one of the top tourist attractions located in downtown Hyannis on ocean Street by Lewis Bay. This place is best known as the summer home of the Kennedys as they have vacationed at this very home for many years. The Kennedy Compound is a private place, situated just two miles from Main Street in the picturesque Hyannis Port. It is considered one of the major tourist attractions where visitors get a glimpse of what this special place meant to the 35th president through video and photo displays.
There are numerous attractions at the John F. Kennedy Memorial of which the monument and a fountain which is built as an honor to the life of the President is heavily visited by tourists as well as the friends and of the Kennedy family. Visitors to the memorial come here to know more about John F. Kennedy and to relive those days where JFK spent so many happy moments with family and friends.

Apart from the John F. Kennedy Memorial visitors and guests also get a chance to take a tour of other famous sites located in the vicinity of the memorial which include John F. Kennedy Museum on Main Street and St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church on South Street. The pace also serves as a memorial to John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a plane crash in 1999.