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Nickerson State Park - Cape Cod's Top Attractions

The Nickerson State Park, located in the heart of Cape Cod is spread on an area of about 1900 acres. The park is listed amongst the most visited sites in Cape Cod and offers its visitors more than 400 campsites located amongst the natural woodland settings. The park offers its visitors numerous recreational activities from camping to bicycling to freshwater swimming to boating and much more.
Nickerson State Park is one of the top camping sites in Cape Cod offering all sorts of camping options set in the dense pine and oak forests that slope down to the banks of eight crystal clear fresh water ponds. It’s the best place that provides visitors with an opportunity to undertake their favorite sport of biking along the Cape Cod Bay and through the forest trails.

Visitors to the park can also indulge is lots of water-sport activities like swimming and canoeing at the Flax Pond situated inside the park. For the avid bird watchers, the park provides an opportunity to have a glimpse of some of the rare species of birds that can easily be spotted here. At Higgins Pond, visitors get an opportunity to catch-and-release fish or participate in a wide variety of seasonal interpretive and recreational programs offered by park staff.

A tour to the Nickerson State Park in Cape Cod is certainly an out of this world experience for the entire family and compels its visitors to come here again and again.