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Sandwich Glass Museum in Cape Cod

The Sandwich Glass Museum is a fascinating place showcasing one of the largest collections of Sandwich glass in the United States. A tour to the museum takes its visitors to various galleries showcasing a wide variety of colorful and rare Sandwich Glass collections, historical artifacts and live glassblowing demonstrations. Visitors at the museum get an opportunity to have a glimpse of life on early 19th century Cape Cod and are introduced to the process of glass-making along with a short video about the endeavor of Deming Jarves.

The museum boasts of numerous attractions from the authentic glass pieces made during the 1800’s to artifacts, equipments, old photographs and records. Visitors get amazed by observing the distinctive look and style of glass manufactured in those days. Visitors also get a chance to go through the several catalogues on display at the museum that illustrates specific patterns and unique characteristics and colors that were in use in the olden days.

The artifacts on display at the museum are placed along the large windows that get illuminated due to sunlight and provide a dazzling display of glass. Visitors also get a chance to collect souvenirs at the museum store selling quality reproductions of Sandwich glass and contemporary pieces including jewelry, vases, stemware and accessories. The Sandwich Glass Museum in Cape Cod is a must visit site that promises every thing for the entire family.